Friday, 17 June 2011

Packet #41 - KP Mini Chips Salt & Vinegar

Choosing a bag of crisps is difficult when you're undecided. Especially when you're in a shop that doesn't really have that much of a choice, I wanted something I hadn't had before and so I opted for KP Mini Chips. Chips? We aren't in America, so what are KP up to? Trying to convert us? No, KP have thought of an ingenious plan, they're like a bag chipper chips, but they're crisps! Smart? Let's find out.

The bag itself is smaller than other bags on offer, something I was immediately dubious about. Surely a bag this small couldn't contain anything worth talking about. Oh, that's where I was wrong. Opening the bag up you're confronted by loads (possibly close to one hundred) tiny little crisp sticks. Think of 'crinkled' crisps, but the crisps are only the crinkles, understand? These tiny sticks vary in length, but are definitely packed salt and vinegar tastiness. If you're not a big fan of S&V I'd advise some caution, the flavour is big but still tastes natural, which is good.

Obvious comparisons will be made with Chip Sticks. Are they better than Chips Sticks? Not even near, but they're a little different. Chips Sticks are corn based whereas these are made from 'real potato' I've never seen a fake potato, but I'm sure they're about. All in all I don't think I'll be returning to KP Mini Chips, if I want Crisps like Chips I'll have Chips Sticks, they're way more fun. But if I want potato style Salt and Vinegar Crisps I'll have some King. And if I want something that's like a bag of chips, I'll get a bag of chips. Eating these I kept on thinking, what exactly are these crisps trying to achieve? Was I actually thinking that? No, I was actually thinking, who will I sign next in my Pro Evolution Master League.


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