Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Packet #34 - Frisps Ready Salted.

Picture the scene crisp fan. I'm sitting in my favourite arm chair with only 20 minutes to go until the FA Cup Final kicks off! Sausage Sambo? Check! Bag of Crisps??? ........

That morning I had opted for a multi-pack of Frisps. All the regular flavours were in attendance, S&V, C&O and some Ready Salted. So when I was making my final decision on which pack to accompany my Sausage Sandwich I opted for Ready Salted. My theory was "Ready Salted are a nice neutral flavour and won't interfere too much with the Sausage Sandwich" I was really looking forward to the Sandwich.

So decision made and off I ate. Sambo, top notch! Crisps, they were only okay. Frisps are a strange type of crisp and ready salted are a strange flavour (in my opinion) combined, they make for one of the most awful bags of crisps I've eaten in a while. Plain and tasteless at the start, then when you reach the end of the bag they taste extremely salty! You know the taste when you put way way way too much salt on your chips or spuds? That exact taste.

To put it in some context - Frisps Ready Salted are manky.



  1. Just eaten some Frisps (ready salted) and they were good, I had an even level of saltyness throughout the packet. However I would like to know how they reform the potatoe??

  2. I get my Frisps from aldi, you have to understand they have found there way to the shop a top a gypsy donkey, allowing much of the salt to collect at the bottom of the packet. I ensure even saltiness with a quick shake, enough to distribute the salt but not too much as to break up the crisps.
    Frisps are truly magnificent betwixt a pair of warburtons medium sliced. It's all about texture.

  3. I agree, definitely these are overly salted

  4. I used to love Frisps, but recently something changed. They're too hard, brittle. Looking at the ingredients, they're now made of wheat! No spuds at all. The difference is obvious to a crisp lover. The cheap gets!

  5. Mate I agree, they're so unusual. I tried them for the first time in ages a couple of months ago and they were horribly salty and left an odd bleachy after taste. Yesterday I thought I might've gotten a bad bunch and decided to get another multipack. Just had a packet there and they're so unappealing, bizarre brittleness and overly salty with the same disgusting aftertaste. very disappointing