Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Packet #64 Nik Naks Scampi 'N' Lemon

One of the great things about this blog is having a press dedicated to crisps. I'd imagine it's like the folks on Cribs having a wardrobe just for runners, only better because we have crisps. Today I fancied something different and in the back of the press came across a multi pack of Nik Naks. Scampi 'N' Lemon flavour seemed the best choice for the lovely weather.

Straight away you get the strong whiff of scampi from the bag, unsurprisingly they smell just like scampi fries. If you're not a  fan this will be where you stop but I don't mind scampi so dived right in. Nik Naks have always been a delightfully crunchy, noisy crisp and today's bag was no different. They even had those little bits which are rock hard in the corner. Unfortunately that's where the enjoyment stopped. A bitter lemon is the first taste to attack your taste buds followed by a salty limp fish flavour. The lingering aftertaste is not pleasant either, I actually sat with my tongue out for a while hoping the sun word burn the taste away. It didn't.

Anyway that's the benefit of having a crisp press, when you realise that one pack isn't actually that nice you can just jump back in and try again.


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  1. I've looked everywhere for my beloved scampi and lemon nik naks but cant find them anywhere. I could buy the multi packs with the other flavours but not keen on them. Please can't you make it possible to get just the flavour I love?