Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Packet #82 - Caffrey's Mature Irish Cheese And Spring Onion

What would the world be without history? A confusing place. For starters we wouldn't know about any old wars -  they would just simply happen, then we'd forget about them, so we'd learn nothing about how to try and run a peaceful planet. Yes okay, the world isn't exactly peaceful, but most of us are giving peace a right good lash, which is great to see. What could of possibly brought on these historical whimsies? A packet of Crisps, of course! Caffrey's Mature Irish Cheese and Spring Onion, to be exact. 

Y'see, while rummaging through his grandfathers (legendary confectionary genius Thomas Caffrey) attic recently, Thomas' grandson came across an old recipe for Crisps. Why does this matter so much? Well, Thomas Caffrey is the man behind The Macaroon Bar, The Chocolate Snowball and the Big Time Bar, he basically made everything that's brilliant. And so, Thomas' grandson (yes, I don't know his name) went about making these crisps from an ancient recipe.

And they taste, delicious. From the moment I saw the massive moustache on the big bright red bag beaming at me from the crisp shelf in the newsagents I knew I was onto something quite special. The texture is a little lighter then similar crisps in this market (Keogh's and O'Donnell's) but this doesn't do these lads any diservice whatsoever. The flavour balance is just perfect and the spring onion adds a ever so delicious, but not overpowering, balance to the mature cheddar. Just how Thomas Caffrey knew how to balance these flavours perfectly, is well and truly beyond me, but then again most things are. 



  1. Are they made in the Largo Foods plant like every other crisp on the Irish market?

    1. Keogh's aren't made by Largo! They're the only ones actually making their crisps...

  2. Will you answer this question with even less characters than your last?

  3. Johhny P! We were a bit rude there, apologies. I had a good look at the bag and couldn't see Largo anywhere, so one can only assume they're an independent brand, which is grand.

  4. Caffrey's..... was disappointed. They claim there is 40g in the bag. When I popped open the bag it seems that 90% of the bag is air. Now, I know, it's for transporting reasons. I don't care about the logistics, I just want me feckin crisps. I then bought a bag of O'Donnells, they claim 50g. That's just 10g more it does seem like it's for sure 50g, volume in the bag is better for sure. Still plenty of "logistics" air in there but you feel that you are been given an honest bag of crisps. Caffrey's, I'm afraid, once bitten, twice shy. I won't be going back there again. Nearly as bad as Walkers Ridges! BOO!

  5. i would say a pot of history goes a long way. the crisps look yummy to.