Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Packet #83 - Walkers Cheese And Onion

England. Home of many celebrities, footballers, and celebrity footballers. In this country (Ireland), sure we have a couple of celebrities, Cathryn Thomas and Alan Cantwell immediately spring to mind. But many of our dearest celebrities are of the fictional kind, particularly the ones that appear on the front of Crisp packets. The chicken from Chick-a-Tees the Banshee from Banshee Bones, Sam Spud, Mr. Tayto and of course the fella on the front of Wheelies, naming but a few. But in England they've gone a step further and combined three of their favourite things -  Football, celebrity and crisps to create a non fictional character, Gary Lineker. Gary has been the face of England's most famous crisp brand for over forty years, and it was with these thoughts swirling around my busy mind that I picked up a 6 pack of Walkers C&O (cheese and onion) for the price of 1.37 (a price not to be scoffed at?). 

This is the kind of deal, that Tesco assured me was quite special, so I wasn't too disappointed to find the bag a little light on crisps - I knew what I was signing up for. One thing I noticed almost immediately was that Walkers had changed the shade of blue that the C&O come in, a darker shade which I think add a statesman like quality to the new bag. But it's what's in the bag that counts, as they say, and the crisps inside this particular bag are simply classic. Walkers have a very distinctive style of C&O, one that you simply won't find anywhere else. And I find them to be a joy, not too over powering and never claiming to be anything other then what they are. The texture is uniform across every crisp in the bag, just the right side of brittle. 

Yes, they may not be the most artisan of Crisps out there, they simply accompany your sandwich in a calm and dignified manner, much like Prince Phillip does when he travels the globe with our the Queen. 



  1. Poetic. Walker's C&O have personally helped me out of many moments of hunger and hungover-ness.

  2. Oh for gods sake. You call her an Irish celebrity and then cant even get her name right. Come on! Its Kathryn.