Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Packet #84 - Burt's Guinness Crisps

Temple Bar. Those two words are enough to send a shudder through any sensible Irish person. It's grand during daylight hours but come nightfall it's home to over priced pints, plastic leprechauns and really, really drunk people. Unfortunately for this crisp lover, he found himself stuck in this particular honey-pot just last Saturday. Thankfully I survived and came away with a bag of crisps I've wanted for ages.

So Guinness is delicious and crisps are delicious but can the two work together? The answer is yes, they most definitely can. The crisps look dark and moreish and might put some people off but don't be foolish get stuck in and try them. They're tangy and sweet at the start but the flavour lingers with a kick of bitterness towards the end. The usual excellent crunchiness of Burts crisps carries through leaving you wanting to munch away as loud as possible.

I've just realised that this is my first review of the year, that's just not good enough. I promise to get my act in order and I've plenty of crisps lined up to review in the coming weeks. If anything I think we all owe a tip of the cap to Temple Bar for getting me off my arse and reviewing. Well either that or it was the Guinness.


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