Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Packet #36 - Crunchips - Kebab & Onion

Travel broadens the mind is a common phrase that is used by many people throughout the world. I didn't want to forget that phrase as I traveled from Berlin to Poland recently. It was with this sense of abandon that I chose Kebab and Onion flavoured Crunchips. I bought them in a truck-stop type place, that was a little bit 'funky looking' to say the least.

I bailed back into the mini-van and ate away. I had a good smell before I began my new crisp experience. The smell was grand very similiar to any meat based snack. The individual crisps themselves were all fine. Taste wise, if I were to equate them to any crisps in the Irish market I would say they reminded me very much of McCoys Steak flavour, I reckon McCoys Steak 'Lite' would be more accurate though. Not quite as intense as McCoys but still fairly decent overall. Also it's worth mentioning that the bag they come in, is absolutely huge so it might be worth sharing them with a group of companions.

Honestly, I was expecting something a bit more unusual from a Kebab flavoured crisp, I wasn't exactly disappointed by the flavour it was just lacking that sense of excitement that the lovely packaging indicates.


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  1. Ha ha, ever since I moved to Paris I've been hoping to find Kebab flavored potato chip! With all the Cheeseburger-flavored ones coming out these days, it only seems apropriate.

    Sorry to hear they weren't all that exciting, though, but I must surely continuing look for them over here!