Friday, 27 May 2011

Packet #37 - Boxer Chips - Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt

Nothing I love more than being on a plane, will I have a beer with my lunch? Yes I will thank you very much, looking out the window is also a thrill that you should always appreciate. Humans aren't supposed to be up here! And yet here we are! Crisps aren't meant to come in boxes and yet, on Aerlingus (other flying companies are available) they do! Oh the wonders of aviation!

Browsing through my inflight menu, my attention was immediately drawn to "Boxerchips" I'd never even heard of these! So when the flight attendant asked me what I wanted, the answer was simple "Boxerchips Crackpot Pepper & Salty Salt please" a moment later and the box of wonder had arrived.

Opening them up was an absolute joy to behold, once the initial wrapping had come off you have a rather smart looking cardboard box to contend with. Unfold that and you have a small open box filled with crisps.

All this hoop-la better of been worth it you're thinking. Well you're quite right sir/madame it was! The flavour of the pepper is indeed "Crackpot" it's very strong and delicious, and the "Salty" salt, is salty! Combined they make for an absolute brilliant crisp! Plus your fellow passengers will look at you enviously as they munch away on their boring old ready salted Pringles. Note to fellow passengers "you're on your holidays - live a little!"

Overall Boxer Chips are an eating experience you won't forget in a hurry from taste to packaging everything is of top quality! Plus they're a new Irish crisp company so you're on to a winner there too! A great crisp.



  1. Glad you like them Mark - wait till you try our other flavas!

  2. but they look like there aren't enough crisps in the box?

  3. I recently went on holiday to Spain via easyjet and had boxerchips salt and vinegar which were delicous. If only they sold them normally in crisp packets at stores (I guess the boxes wouldn't be economical for the company to sell them at stores?).

    - There is a lot in the box; more than or the same as a normal crisp packet. IMO.