Sunday, 20 July 2014

Packet #89 - Lidl Deluxe Smoky Barbecue

There are fewer greater things to smell like than a barbecue. Maybe smelling like cut grass? Yet the only realistic way to smell like cut grass would be to roll around in it for hours, and not many people have the time or dedication to do such things. These days everyone's got business to do. Like me, and that's what I was up to when I bought these Deluxe Smoky Barbecue Crisps from Lidl. A big bag that cost somewhere between €1 - €2. A bargain? Well let's find out.

Share bags are always an event, you know something good is about to happen when you pop open a bag. And as I popped open this lovely warm orange bag great things did happen. The smell exciting, the colour of the crisps mirroring the bag - orange, in a good way. The taste was super! Nice and savoury with a hint of sweetness galloping off the palette as you delve in for another crisp load. The Crisps themselves aren't uniformly shaped there's big ones, small ones and some are even slammed together to make what can only be described as a super crisp. The range of flavour intensity also varies from crisp to crisp which should be applauded.

Lidl have achieved great things with these crisps. Forget the World Cup win, this is Germany's finest achievement of the Summer.

Ich liebe deise Crisps.


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