Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Packet #88 - Keogh's Sweet Chilli & Irish Red Pepper

If time travel was an option and you could go back to Ireland in the 80's and tell someone that in a matter of decades they could walk into a shop and buy bag of Sweet Chilli flavoured Crisps in a pink bag they would of thought you'd lost your mind.

Since those days Ireland's been through a lot. The 90's gave us an explosion of Chinese Takeaways complete with the exotic flavours of The Orient. And the 00's made it just fine for lads to wear pink. So here I stood after decades of toil and trouble - the very epitome of a modern man - eating Sweet Chilli flavoured Crisps from a big bright pink bag, without a care in the world.

But what of the Crisps? That's what we're all here for right? The texture was bang on, not too brittle not too heavy - retaining a strong spud taste which can only be gotten from using North Co. Dublin's finest. Flavour wise, there's nothing wrong with these fellas at all. There are pinches of sweetness dotted with footprints of spice that leave that pallet excited for more -  each crisp varies in flavour intensity which adds to the experience.

Could we have an early contender for Crisp of the year? We just might! Is there such a thing as Crisp of the Year? Who knows.


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