Friday, 31 January 2014

Packet #87 - Barça Patates Fregides (Ready Salted)

Nothing says "life is top" more than sitting in a stadium watching a soccer team play football and eating a bag of Crisps. And so it was a satisfying occasion indeed when I found myself at the Nou Camp to watch Barcelona play a game of football. Happily, I spied on my way to my seat that the good Barcelonanites of Catalonia  have their own brand of crisps. Would I buy a packet? Well how could one of Dublin 7's premiere Crisp Bloggers refuse? He didn't. And bought a pack for just over one euro.

The people who make the crisp obviously prefer one man up front opting for just a single flavour in the crisp - ready salted. But does it work? The answer is, well, kinda. Ready salted is an usual flavour in that nothing much really happens but in the heady environs of a football stadium you wouldn't want much to distract you from the match. Plus the flavour goes well with beer, which was also to hand during the consumption. The texture was brittle, think of the standard Crisp you get when you're away - think Lay's - and you're on the right track.

As I watched Xavi and Iniesta dissect the Malaga defence I couldn't help but think if these Crisps were a footballer who would they be? Would they be one of the greats - Messi? George Weah? Ruel Fox? None of them I'm afraid, they'd be more a workman like player, an all rounder. Maybe John O'Shea - just grand most of the time.



  1. Excellent blog!
    Just a remark on the title of your post: it should read "fregides" and not "fregades". Fregides in catalan means fried, while fregades means washed/mopped.
    Congratulations again for your huge amount of different posts!

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