Monday, 25 November 2013

Packet #86 Darling Spuds Sea Salt & Italian Balsamic Vinegar

We here in Crisp HQ have travelled far and wide in search of the finest crisps the world has to offer. We've even been to Leitrim. Well this latest packet comes all the way from the great Dublin area of Fairview via Chesham (I've no idea where that is either) with ingredients being brought in from exotic places such as Italy. I'm not sure if it's all the travelling or the way they make them but these crisps also happen to be gluten free, ideal for all you gluten haters out there.

 The crisps are of the hand cooked variety, I wonder if that's a skill you can learn on JobBridge? Cooking crisps with your hands. This particular cook must have magical hands because the crunch on these crisps is spectacular. They make such a crunch that everyone in close proximity can also hear and enjoy the delight. Flavour wise the trip to Italy paid off. They aren't as moorish as some S&V crisps, it is more of a subtle, welcoming, calming splash of flavour. Like a nice Italian giving you a hug.

 This is the third different flavour of Darling Spuds I have tried, all three have been delicious and worthy of a review, I just happened to eat this bag today. So keep your peepers peeped when you’re out and about and when you see them buy as many packets as you can because, you know, crisps are bleedin lovely.



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