Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Packet #54 - Wotsits

This very day I perused the crisp aisle of an up market supermarket looking for something special. In Ireland for some very strange reason Wotsits aren't as readily available as they are over in the UK. So when I saw a six pack of Wotsits I was simply delighted, so then, I bought them and cycled home.

Settling down with a sausage sambo, Sky Sports News and a pack of Wotsits I felt a sense of Buddha like zen, everything at that point was in place and I was happy. And yet, I had to remain calm, I hadn't Wotsits in ages - what if they'd changed? What if, because they are now 95 calories they'd lost some sort of deliciousness that only extra calories can give? 

Post sambo, I opened the bag. And had a peek in, not as many as I would like but then again it was part of a multi-pack (of six) so that's allowed, I suppose. And so I began to gobble. Every curvey cylindrical Wotsit held the flavour very well, the flavour being cheese. Very strong cheese, nothing like any real cheese I've ever had. And yet, this simple cheese flavour is amazing, it could be said that it's even better then actual cheese. I munched and munched enjoying the bag so much I didn't even notice that Georgie Thompson was on the box - now that's the sign of a proper crisp. 


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