Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Packet #85 Veronica's Baked Organic Crisps Barbeque

Baked organic crisps? Gluten free? 96 calories? You may think the blog has gone a bit mad or that we're on some sort of crisp diet but don't worry we're not. We're simply living up to our mission of trying every crisp possible in the world ever. It's a fine philosophy to live by. You should try it.

So with that in mind I decided to try Veronica's crisps. Veronica seems like a very sound lady, I mean she must be she makes her own crisps. Many have tried to make a decent lower calorie crisp in the past and most have failed miserably. But crisps are crisps and they must be eaten. The first thing I noticed is the shape of these crisps, they are easily the flattest crinkled crisps I've ever seen. I also noticed that the flavour looks to be packed on, time for a taste. Woof! The strong spicy barbeque flavour hits the back of your taste buds with a two footed tackle. The spice is a much welcomed surprise which warms the soul. The crisps crunch easily, making the structure of the shape even more impressive, there’s not a broken crisp in the bag. Actually there’s no crisps left in my bag. I’ve eaten them all.

Now overall, they won’t beat that third bag of Meanies of a Sunday when you’re dying but sure nothing can. What Veronica has introduced is a fine crisp to the Irish market and I think she’s achieved exactly what she’s going for. A lower calorie, tasty crisp. Which in fairness the blog could do with once in a while.


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