Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Packet #90 – Tayto Velvet Crunch Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion

I’m a woman. I love crisps. However, I do not love Tayto’s Velvet Crunch Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion crisps.

I bought these crisps in a vending machine in Pearse Dart Station last Friday night and the first thing that struck me as I took the bag out was just how light it was – on further inspection, I saw that they come in at a feather-weight 20g.

They have a puffed up consistency, similar to that of a Snax crisp or a Skip crisp, and I have no problem with that. Sometimes it’s nice to have a different texture in your crisping wardrobe, variety is the spice of life after all.

What I cannot get behind is the flavour. They’re very sweet. Much too sweet. If I wanted to have a sugary snack, I would’ve opted for a chocolate bar or maybe a packet of fruit Polos. I wouldn’t have chosen crisps.

Now you should never judge a book by its cover, but I also don’t much care for the design of the pack, clearly aimed at women. As I said before, I am of the female variety, but just because you stick a flower on the front, boast about low calories and use purple packaging, doesn’t mean you have the perfect crisp for women. The disappointing taste clearly proves this right.

However, I should probably mention that I was discussing these crisps with a friend of mine and she wholeheartedly disagrees with me. She says she loves them, and often pops open a packet of Velvet Crunch when she’s feeling peckish. But she’s also from the midlands, so we can probably discount her opinion.

All in all, I’d give these crisps a miss if I were you.


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  1. They arent targeting women...
    They are targeting a diet audince using diet associated colors. Well duh? Its aimed at a dieting audince of course you would rather have a choclate bar.

    ITS NOT geared to taste. Its not their fault you are clearly comparing it to high fat filled shit foods.

    The fact you reject her opinion based on her location is also concerning.