Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Packet #81 - Chitato Sapi Panggang

The world, in fairness, is absolutely huge. It consists of about 7 billion (and counting) humans. And is filled with many different religions, cultures and traditions. It was a mighty relief then when I reached the Indonesian Island of Bali to find that even the lovely Balinese people are fans of crisps. Big fans in fact, so upon arrival I bought a big bag of Chitato's Sapi Panggang (bbq beef) flavour and afew local beers. I felt that by buying such provincial refreshments I would look more like a local and not like a tourist. I can only imagine that it worked and other tourists looked on enviously at this native as he strode confidently to his sun lounger to read a copy of the new Danny Baker autobiography on his tablet computer.  

My main reason for picking up this particular bag was to do a direct comparison to the flavours we find on this Island (Ireland). I deduced from the packaging that these particular crisps would be very similar to McCoy's steak flavour both in terms in texture and flavour. I was not disappointed, these flavours are big and brash and not afraid to let you know they're around, they practically leap out at you the minute you have your first munch. Texture wise, they may be little less heavy and consistent then the classically chunky McCoy's, but then again, not many crisps are. They are more akin to the Hunk Dory I reckon. There's also the added bonus of a tiny hint of spice in the crisp which is a welcome addition to the taste. 

The Danny Baker autobiography is excellent,  and is available from bookshops and many online retailers. One of my highlights is a humorous and quite a poignent anecdote about Michael Jackson (he's dead).  


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