Monday, 17 December 2012

Packet #80 Nude Crisps

There are few better things in life than running wild and nekkid now and again. The only disappointing element is the lack of a deserving snack to cap off your needless early morning exercise. But never fear, it's crisps to the rescue once again and this time their nude. That's right NUDE. The good folk at have taken rejected apples of the earth and added nothing but sunflower oil to highlight the humble taste of the potato.

Enough of the messing, are they tasty? Yes, yes they are. It's kind of like eating flat chips which have gone cold. Which I think is the point of the crisps, tasting the actual potato. They are made at the ever impressive Keoghs farm and carry that same distinctive crunch which we here at the blog love. I devoured the bag as you can see from the photo and think they would go superbly along side a big old sandwich. 

These crisps are all about highlighting the deliciousness of Irish potatoes and sustainability. There's loads of info on their website which can explain it better than I ever could but I particularly like that I can now chuck the empty bag in the compost heap. So I think the conclusion of this post is that crisps continue to be deadly, go eat some now and everything will be OK.


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