Monday, 17 January 2011

Packet #6 - Mighty Munch

Packet 6! And we reach the crisp that has created quite a stir in the crisping community. Mighty/Monster Munch. Are they better or worse then before? To be honest I didn't even notice they'd changed.

But enough politics, let's deal with the crisp in hand. Mighty Munch could so easily be thrown in with the "wheelie" or "chickatee" brigade, in that they're an odd shape and have the same stay in the back of yer mouth for a while texture. But they seem to bridge the gap between wheelies and chickatees to the more grown up S&V (salt and vinegar) C&O (cheese and onion) gang.

The taste is "hot and spicy" but they never really got too hot or spicy, but certainly have a bit of oopmh about them regardless. They're a great fun crisp, would I recommend them as an accompaniment to a nice sandwich? I'd have to say no. Would I recommend them to accompany a hangover? Most definitely.



  1. About to drop some science on you.

    If one looks at the crisps that have "stay in the back of yer mouth for a while texture" one will find that these correspond to corn(maize) based crisps and these actually do not contain any potato. Is potato a requirement to be defined a crisp? What about bacon fries? Well that's a philosophical discussion I'll leave to the experts.

    Dr. Lau Crispenhoff

  2. Thank you for the comment Dr. Lau,

    Ireland has an answer for that and I believe it is why we call them crisps here rather than potato chips. Anything in snack form made from potato, corn(maize) or even tapioca will fall under the crisp banner. So I don't believe potato is a requirement for a crisp. I suppose bacon fries could fall under this banner too but I don't think of them as crisps. Maybe a crisp cousin or something.

    Deano Crisp