Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Packet #13 - Snax

Another pack from the Tayto stable. I'm sending a fair bit of business there way it would seem. Snax, the potato puffs, as they like to call themselves. Often found in multi packs around my house as not too many would eat them.

Snax were always a little lighter than your average crisp. Always a decent crunch and a nice mild cheese and onion flavour. Now however, Tayto seem to have brought it a step further into the light market. Not as puffy as they once were, there's a strange condensed flavour seeping out of each crisp. Still a decent crunch mind. Perhaps it has something to do with them being less than 100 calories a bag.

This seems to be happening a lot to certain products these days, now we're in a much more health conscious world. It doesn't really fool anyone and it's definitely not helping the flavour. Anyway these new low calorie crisps wont be finding their way into my shopping basket anytime soon. Adios Snax.



  1. I still hate cheese and onion flavour regular crisps, but give me a packet of Snax and I am a happy one. Even the odd packet that tastes strangely stale still does the trick for me.

  2. Just bought a packet of SNAX and there was nothing but air in it. Sealed perfectly...

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