Thursday, 31 March 2011

Packet #19 - Rancheros

Ah classic Rancheros, bacon flavour. None of this fancy BBQ flavour for me, oh no. Sure isn't change bad? It's getting to the stage in the blog now where people are asking for specific crisps to be blogged about and that's exactly what happened here. I didn't even have to buy the crisps. Friend of the blog, Ross, supplied the pack I consumed last weekend. So apologies for the late post.

Now I hadn't had a pack of Rancheros in years. They're another one of those crisps that you see around shops, say, oh they're nice and never buy them. So I was only delighted to be handed a pack. They haven't changed a bit. A lovely crunch from the mini bacon shaped crisp. The kind of crunch that one crisp at a time would satisfy. Leaving you to enjoy the packet in a reasonable manor. Packed full of a delightful bacon flavour that would remind you of a packet of bacon fries, only not as greasy.

While eating them I was in the pub, only drinking cordial but it dawned on me that they would be perfect with any kind of beer or lager. Why don't more pubs serve them? Maybe if we all demand them from our publican they will start to stock the lovely Rancheros. They're about a million time nice than Manhattan's attempt at bacon fries.


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