Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Packet #22 - Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar

Put simply Hula Hoops are a staple of the Crisping industry. Red, Blue, Brown and Green (sometimes). They're a good fun crisp. A friendly crisp.

When I bought Hula Hoops blue this afternoon I was delighted with myself, the one thing I love about Hula Hoops (of any colour) is that you can really taste the potato. So off I delved inside. One thing I noticed straight away is that there is quite a few oddly shaped Hula Hoops in the packet, plenty of big Hulas, thrown in. Bonus I thought!

But then a strangeness came over me. The S&V (salt and vinegar) flavour was there alright, but that lovely potato taste had been diluted! It just didn't have the same punch as they used to. I checked the packet "NO MSG" it said. The MSG must of been the secret ingredient making the Hula Hoops so delicious all these years! I was highly disappointed.

So all in all, Hula Hoops blue are okay, but they were way nicer with a bit of MSG thrown in.



  1. Whatever happened to the cheese Hula Hoop? They were in an orange bag and were amazing (and addictive) like a wotsit flavoured Hula Hoop. They must have been destroyed along with the MSG :(

  2. Nooooo! They were my favourite hangover cure but I havent had a pack in a while...what have you done KP?

  3. I think more foods should be made without the deadly MSG. I for one will start buying Hula Hoops knowing now that they are made without MSG.