Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Packet #28 - Red Sky West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese

I know, I know. Fancy, wha!? I wouldn't be normally lured into buying these new luxury crisp brands but it was bank holiday Friday, the sun was out and friends were coming over for a barbeque. So I was treating them really. And a treat it was.

This was the first time I ever saw Red Sky crisps. I had never even heard of them before, so it was a bold choice to supply them to my hungry guests. The first thing you notice is the quality of the potato and a nice crunching to the crisp. Then comes the subtle flavour of west country bacon and cream cheese. I can see some readers turning away in disgust but believe me, they're delicious and not overpowering. Kind of like a bagel, in crisp form.

They went down a treat, with everyone munching away on them while I charred the hamburgers. So if you're looking for something to wow your guests this summer pick up some Red Sky. I did (twice).


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