Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Packet #30 - Transform-A-Snack (Spicy)

When you're in a foreign land you some times get confused by all the new crisps. I was highly confused, but excited at the same time by all the different types of crisps available in London town this weekend, my friend Medb chose some crisps for me, Transform-A-Snack, the spicy variety.

There was something about these crisps that looked exciting, mainly the spaceman on the front of the packet, I new it was going to be an adventurous munch. First thing that will strike upon opening the pack will be that there are two different shaped crisps involved - circles and what can only be described as a oddly shaped space craft, more crisps should have such ambitious shapes (imho).

However these crisps were not quite as exciting once you start to chow down, yeah they're spicy but it's nothing new really. Plenty more spicy joy can be found elsewhere in the crisp department.

The main excitement comes from the back of the packet  - where you get a comic strip telling you about how 'Barron Von-Scoffalot" is about to take over the Transform-A-Snack factory, and Captain Crunch needs to come along and save the day - my guess is, he does. 

The aul Transform-A-Snack's are great fun, but only because of the packet. My advice? Give 'em whirl you're on your holidays.


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  1. Watch out for the website on the package. It's filled with malware and other things...