Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Packet #39 Tayto Snaps

We get all sorts of requests to review crisps here in Crispland. So when I was out for a friends birthday it came as no surprise when he whipped out a pack of Snaps that his housemate wanted reviewed. Now some people might feel a bit of pressure when handed crisps and told they're delicious but we don't. We're well used to it at this stage and that's why we'll always give our honest opinion.

Tayto make some fine crisps and have recently introduced a range of crisps 100 calories and under. Snaps fall into this category and I don't think it does them any favour. They are competing in the pickled onion flavour market and it's always going to be hard to beat Meanies. They're not a bad crisp, they're grand. A good crunch you'd expect from Tayto but the flavour is weak compared to other pickled onion flavoured snacks.

A decent choice if you're looking for a low calorie option but if you want the full pickled onion treat there's bigger players in the market. Namely Meanies and Monster Munch.


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