Friday, 12 July 2019

Packet #105: M&S Chicken Katsu Curry Ridge Cut Crisps

The last time I had a Chicken Katsu Curry I was a meat-eating teenager wearing very baggy jeans in Celtic Tiger Dublin.

Things have changed since then in more ways than one. When I saw this wasp-esque packet of Crisps in town the other day, I couldn't help but indulge in a spot of nostalgia.

On opening the packet, I got a strong whiff of curry. But not a 3-in-1 style curry. It was more of a posh Thai takeaway sort of scent.

The Crisps in the packet were remarkably in tact. A lot of large Crisps, which always leads to a challenging yet satisfying eat.

I really enjoyed the texture of the Crisp. It's very sturdy and very crunchy. It's almost like a Frisp that's been double cooked or perhaps condensed. I don't think it's necessary a winner for everyone. For those with a weak jaw, the extra work might get tiresome. But if you're into a crunch, then you're in luck.

The flavour leaves a little to be desired. In my (albeit limited) experience of Chicken Katsu Curry, the dish is a basic brown gloop with a strong curry taste. This is more like a spiced coconut sauce type taste. And couldn't get any chicken favour at all. I think the Crisp Creatives at M&S aimed for a posh flavour, but it ended up a bit sickly.

I even considered not finishing the packet straight away.

However, because I enjoyed the texture so much, I'd be open to experimenting with another Crisp from the range with a different flavour.


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