Friday, 28 February 2020

Packet #106: Tayto Bacon & Cabbage

Oh Tayto. You are the unrivalled Crisp king in Ireland (no offence King). Your Crisps are legendary. Even British celebrities that I follow on Instagram sometimes talk about your products.

Some might wonder if you should bother trying to innovate. Your classic flavours are almost universally lauded. So stepping into a new Crisp ring is risky.

But does that risk pay off?

After a decisive Instagram Crisp off, where upwards of 20 Blog About Crisps fans voted, the public demanded that I review your new Bacon & Cabbage flavour.

Challege accepted.

I pop open the packet at an optimum time for Crisp eating. Twenty past 12 on a Friday. They are my pre-lunch amuse-bouche.

As I stick my snout into the foil wrapper for a sniff, I notice something unusual for a limited edition Crisp. There is not much of a scent.

Practically speaking, that’s a good sign. It always feels weird when you can smell a Crisp offer your fingertips hours after you eat it. But from a potential taste point of view, it has me worried.

The Crisps themselves have little flecks of green on them, much like a Sour Cream & Onion Crisp might sport.

They don’t look to be tiny flecks of cabbage though. That would be obviously quite strange, although I have to say I’d appreciate the authenticity.

They have the consistency of a regular Tayto C&O or S&V, which you would expect.

Taste-wise, these are a fine Crisp.They are salty and although not overpowering, they are flavoursome. I was expecting something reminiscent of a Smokey Bacon, but that’s not what I found.

The flavour is relatively delicate, but if you close your eyes and really focus on what’s developing on your palette, the salt does give way to a mild cabbage type flavour profile. But you have to REALLY concentrate. You wouldn’t pick them out in a blind tasting.

Full disclosure, I haven’t eaten a plate of Bacon & Cabbage in at least 15 years. So I’m not really in a place to fully judge if they are true to the dish.

They are, however, a nice Crisp.

Did I enjoy them? Yes. Would I eat a pack if they were given to me? Sure. Would I buy them again? Maybe.

If you’re into bacon, cabbage or novelty Crisps, you should probably give these a whirl.


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