Friday, 24 May 2019

Packet #104 - Walkers Max Strong Jalapeño and Cheese

A pack of crisps can often be like a promotion/relegation playoff. So much hope, so much anticipation. Will it be packed full of flavour, deliver a good crunch and leave you wanting more? Or will it be limp, lifeless and forgettable? Success and you're in the big leagues, failure and you're out.

Now Walkers would often be a bit of a yo-yo pack in my eyes. Sometimes they pull it out of the bag but often they leave you questioning your love of crisps. That's why it was a huge risk picking up this share bag of Walkers Max Strong Jalapeño AND Cheese especially after Christine's magnificent review of another flavour. But sometimes dear reader, just sometimes, it's worth taking that risk. You can hear the crunch instantly, it's loud and consistent, just like any good defender. The next thing you notice is the power of the cheese hitting you in the face like a strikers wayward shot, neatly followed up with a fiery finish of jalapeño. They finished the job with consistency and before I knew it the bag was over and this pack was in the big leagues.

I guess what we can take from this is that we shouldn't judge a pack by it's cover. We should be bold and brave and dive two handed at even the most outrageous looking packs of crisps. Don't be afraid, eat more crisps.