Monday, 11 February 2019

Packet #103: El Valle Sabor Huevo Frito

Do you ever get up in the morning craving crispy fried eggs? That homely sulphuric taste, doused in oil and salt is a joy to many people, even people who don't like Crisps.

If you both like Crisps AND fried eggs but don't feel like cooking, we have the solution for you. And that solution is: El Valle Sabor Huevo Frito. For English speakers, the variety is helpfully translated as Fried Egg Taste Chips.

The white packet is reminiscent of egg whites and it has classy gold and black accents. The serving suggestion on the packet appears to be a handful of this Crisps served alongside a fried egg on a slate. And the foil on the inside of the packet is gold instead of the classic silver, which is another elegant touch.

In order to get the true flavour of these adventurous Spanish Crisps, I ate them solo and straight out of the packet.

The first thing that hits you is the smell. A definite and distinct fried egg smell. Anyone who's been in a cafe on a Sunday morning will be familiar with this particular waft. So far, so egg.

When you take one of these Crisps in your hand, you'll immediately feel oil and quite large chunks of salt. That's a good sign in my book.

They have a dense, weighty consistency. These babies are definitely a posh Crisp with a loud crunch to match.

Most of these Crisps are fairly large in size and held their shape well in the suitcase of my Mother In Law, who brought this packet back from Spain for me to try. She is a very generous Mother In Law, who clearly could have a fine career in the Crisp transportation logistics business.

So we have near top marks for size, density and presentation. But what about taste? You will be astounded to know that these taste EXACTLY LIKE FRIED EGGS. It's incredible. On first bite, they are reminiscent of the crispy bits on the edge of the fried egg whites. But then, when you move on to your subsequent handfuls, it develops into a somewhat yolky taste. It really is amazing.

Whoever made these Crisps is a genius.


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