Thursday, 15 September 2011

Packet #48 - McCoy's Bacon Sizzler

Rashers. Rasher sandwiches. Not Irish? Bacon. Bacon sandwiches. These things are absolutely delicious, however the only thing that could possibly be nicer than a Rasher sambo are Rasher Crisps. Or Bacon Crisps if you will.

It seems McCoy's agree, and therefore came up with the plan of making Bacon Sizzlers. They're not the first crisp company to attempt a bacon flavoured crisp and hopefully not the last. But are they any good? Are they better then their main rivals in this particular genre? Packet #32

Well yesterday I attempted to find out. I got the pack from a vending machine, I was starving, so the part where the machine begins to "vend" as it were, was particularly nerve racking. Fortunately for me, this was a class machine and the crisps arrived promptly. And off I went.

There was plenty of crisps in the bag which is always a sign of confidence. The crisps were all of a decent size something you'd come to expect from McCoy's. On the back the packet ensures you that because they are "Ridged" crisps the hold the flavour better, this particular claim may have no scientific grounding but it seems to work all the same as each crisp was jammed with a nice smokey flavour. The whole experience left me highly satisfied, I even shared some with friends one of which was so happy with them, he went and bought a packet himself (90c fyi). The only thing I would say though, is that my fingers were left with a bacon scent to them for the rest of the day. Not necessarily a bad thing though, in fairness.

Are they better then Hunky Dory's Smokey Bacon? I'm going to say yes.



  1. Hunky Dory's have a Smokey Bacon flavour??? WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!

  2. Obviously not on this blog enough!