Thursday, 26 April 2012

Standup & Answers

We here at Crisp HQ obviously love a good crisp but we're also quite fond of some other stuff such as laughing and quizzes. Now if only we could combine all three to make some sort of perfect evening.

Well thanks to a man much wiser and much MUCH older than us we can now enjoy all three things in one magic night. This man is known as Jarlath Regan and much like his distant relative, the Pied Piper, he has lured a load of brilliant comedians to the one spot, The Workmans. When they're not making your sides split your mind will be tested with some of the toughest quiz rounds Dublin has to offer. To top it all off one of the quiz rounds is entitled, Crouching Tiger Hidden Crisps. Perfect. Just perfect.

It all kicks off at 8pm in The Workmans on Wellington Quay this Friday 27th April. Bring your crisps, bring your nagin, have a laugh.



Don't blame us if you're kicked out for bringing a nagin.

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