Friday, 4 May 2012

Packet #70 Brannigans Roast Lamb & Mint

This particular pack was purchased in Stansted airport. I think the choice of flavour may have had something to do with seeing all of the lovely little lambs bouncing about the fields and having no time to stop for dinner. Sure isn't a pack of crisps a meal in a bag?

This was my first time trying the Branningans brand and the bag was kind enough to inform that they are proper thick cut crisps. I must admit I didn't really believe them, LIES, I screamed in my head. However they are in fact nice chunky, crunchy crisps which help to hold in the strong flours throughout the bag. Now the flavour was something very new to me on a crisp but somehow Mr Brannigan has managed to transfer the lovely lamb taste successfully. Along with a wallop of mint and a bang of parsley it certainly made interesting munching.

The more I ate the more unconvinced I was that this flavour should actually be in crisp form. You get a strong meatiness followed my sharp sweetness and you're left with a puzzled face. One thing I was no longer puzzled over was Brannigans integrity, they do indeed sell proper thick cut crisps, so apologies for doubting your packaging. I'm also very much looking forward to trying some of their more traditional flavours.



  1. "The more I ate the more unconvinced I was that this flavour should actually be in crisp form"

    Are you MAD! This is one of the most accurately recreated and damn right tasty crisp flavours I have ever had the pleasure of laying my tongue on!


  2. Who the hell is left with a puzzled face when eating crisps. Especially lamb and mint sir are a silly Billy indeed :)