Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Packet #72 - St. Bernard Salt And Vinegar Flavour Sticks

A pal called round armed with 15 packets of crisps. This (bringing gifts), is the correct procedure when entering a house as a guest, especially when you're calling around to one of Dublin 7's premier Crisp blogs HQ. He knew his audience, and for this reason it should be noted that he is sound.

The lad who brought over the crisps seemed very happy with himself, because he made a shrewd move by buying a whopper 15 bag multi-pack for only €1.60. I opted for the Salt & Vinegar Flavour Sticks. They were a simple affair. And what I did like about them was their simplicity in packaging. Former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs was (he's dead) a big fan of simple beautiful design, which must of been what the designer of these crisps had in mind when creating the packaging. Or else, they simply weren't bothered. Either way, I very much like the bag. The flavour, is a little weird to be quite honest, quite a strong vinegar thing going on, and not a whole lot of salt. Texture wise, they are also a little strange, very light and powdery once you really get into it - and not in a good way. But, I suppose when you're getting involved with 15 bags of crisps for €1.60 these things can be expected.

I know what you're thinking. Are they better then Chip Sticks? No.



  1. How strange - they look like the Marks and Spencer 'St Michael' house style of about 30 years ago in the UK. Love the word 'flavour' in the titchy typeface too - good legal disclaimer!

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