Sunday, 23 August 2015

Packet #91 Ten Acre - How Chicken Soup Saved The Day

Putting things together can be amazing. Numbers when added together usually make bigger numbers - brilliant. Spreading a liberal amount of butter on to some toast, hello - delicious! Having a cheeky can on a bus while on your way into town of a Saturday night, pure class. So when I saw Crisps that claimed to taste like chicken soup I thought to myself this could well be one of the greatest inventions since numbers -  how could I resist? I couldn't! So I bought a bag for €1.10.

The bag is a nice dark shade of mustard, an almost calming shade which was good because these were bought on a Sunday night when calmness is always called for. There was a decent weight, which is always a promising start. Upon  opening the bag I immediately had a good whiff (which is partie du cours for a Crisp blogger) the smell, promising. Then I had an enthusiastic munch, the first crisp really bowled me over with it's amazing chicken soup like flavour, how they did it I'm not too sure, as I genuinely was expecting a run of the mill chicken flavoured crisp. Texture wise we're dealing with a semi heavy style, not quite as heavy and as thick as the usual artisan Crisp, which lends itself to the flavour perfectly.

All in all these are a fine addition to the Crisp market. They immediately leap somewhere near the top of the queue for the under appreciated Chicken flavour - are they as good as the humble Chickatee, not quite but then again what are.... numbers maybe? No way! Chickatees are way better than numbers.


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