Friday, 26 August 2016

Packet #95 - Bénenuts 3D's Bugles

Moulin Rouge, football and bugles all have one thing in common. That's right, LOUD NOISES. And if there's one thing we like here at the blog it's LOUD NOISES. In fact sometimes we have competitions to see who can make the loudest noise. So when my eyes came across this bag of 3D's Bugles in a busy side street of Paris I roared the immortal catchphrase of Kriss Akabusi, AWOOGA! Victory was surely mine.

How wrong I was. Not only could you not play this particular type of bugle but they were almost inedible. It was as if some one curled up tiny pieces of cardboard and packaged them as crisps. Imagine eating a mix of sawdust and shredded wheat and you're nearly there. The one positive I will give the gang at Bénenuts is that there's an almighty crunch when you bit into their bugle. This was the reason I didn't stop eating after the first handful. In fact I got so carried away with the crunch that soon there was a cement like paste forming in my mouth. Fortunately I was surrounded by refreshments and was soon back making a racket again.

I'm pretty sure this is the only bag of crisps I have never finished. This has to be a sign. A sign that they are a terrible crisp and to avoided at all costs. Unless you like eating things similar to sawdust, then go for it. You've got my support.


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