Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Packet #97 - Lay's "乐趣 美国经典香精"

What can you say about China that's not been said already? Shall we talk about their tremendous Olympic team? How's about their unique work ethic and discipline that's seen China become such an economic power house across the globe? Or! What about their focus on family values and immense respect for the elderly?  All worthy for discussion, but as I'm sure you're aware nobodies every REALLY talked about Lay's "乐趣  美国经典香精" Crisps. So let's.

As I walked with my new wife on The Great Wall of China in the heat of a Beijing Summer sustenance was required. My wife, knowing me quite well, produced a bag of Crisps from her bag and said for me to give them a go. So I did. Sitting on one of the greatest engineering feats in human history looking at the wall meander across mountain tops, eating some crisps. Were they good? They were okay.

Texture wise we're talking about the standard Lay's crisp - thin yet holding together well while giving a satisfying crunch as you munch. As I'm not fluent in Standard Manderin I couldn't make head nor tail of what it said on the bag, see the "Google Tranlsate" image in the post to get a better understanding. To me they tasted like ready salted, a classic holiday crisp really but nothing to get too excited about.

So. Fair play to China. They're tremendous at the Olympics, brilliant at working,  slightly dodgy with human rights and average at Crisps. 


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  1. I was hoping they'd have some kind of exotic spiced flavour. Oh well...