Friday, 17 August 2018

Packet # 99 - Keogh’s Crinkle Cut Irish Cheddar And Red Onion

At A Blog About Crisps, we’ve been eating Keogh’s Crisps for well over seven years. That’s a long time, but do you know what, reader? We're not sick of them yet.

Occasionally, the brand bring out seasonal favourites – like the patriotic Shamrock & Sour Cream – but that's not the only the revolutionary Crisp they have in their Crisp stable.

Let’s get down to it. What’s so special about these Crisps? First off, they are a posh Crisp but they’re also crinkle cut. That means you get all the firmness of a posh Crisp with all the exciting textural experience that a crinkle cut crisp delivers. Imagine if Hunky Dory’s were denser, crunchier and perhaps 10% thicker. That’s the texture-profile of this crisp.

And now, on to the flavour. I’ll be honest. When I saw cheese and onion on the packet, I thought I’d like them. But I didn’t think they’d be anything new. I thought maybe they’d be like the regular Keogh’s Dubliner Irish Cheese & Onion. A nice Crisp that’s like a more flavourful version of a non-posh C&O Crisp.

Keogh’s Crinkle Cut Irish Cheddar And Red Onion Crisps are not like that at all. They are MUCH CHEESIER than the average cheese and onion Crisp. To tell you the truth, it threw me a little. But I was also sneakily eating these Crisps under the table at an upmarket drinking establishment, so it was fairly easy to throw me.

I was too freaked to finish the rest of the bag in the pub so I took the end home. And even from the comfort of my own couch, the cheese still blew me away. It’s almost more parmesany than cheddary. Delicious, but probably not for a casual C&O eater. These are designed for hardcore cheese lovers.

I’m not sure what the difference is between red onion and normal onion, but I could definitely taste a bit of onion off of these crisps. But it’s mainly cheese.

With reports of extremely cheesy crisps in Africa, I wonder is there some sort of trans-continental cheese Crisp craze going on?

But I digress. Overall, these are great Crisps. Bold and brave in both flavour and texture, these are best suited to cheese aficionados and adventurous Crisp fans.


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