Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Packet #101 - Walkers Poppables Sweet Chilli

It's too late to have lunch. It's too early to have dinner. And you're waiting for a bus. What do you do?

Well, this dilemma came upon me only today and I decided to do the only thing that felt right.

I opened up a bag of Walkers Poppables Sweet Chilli.

These Crisps are WILD. When I saw the picture on the front of the packet, I was skeptical. How could these Crisps hold their shape? Especially considering they survived a journey to and from The Plex, Coolock, I didn't quite think it was possible.

But it was. Incredibly, almost every single Crisp inside the bag was intact. They're like dense Waffles moulded into the shape of an American "football".

Speaking of Waffles, these potato-based snacks have a very similiar texture to their Irish bacon counterparts. They're definitely a little more solid though, which I suppose is necessary from an engineering point of view in order to ensure the structure of each Crisp is secure. And they don't stick in your teeth for too long, which is a nice plus.

The flavour is also very intriguing. The bag says Sweet Chilli, but in my opinion it's closer to that of a spicy Skip. Inoffensive and not overly powerful. Maybe it would be more accurate if they called this Spiced Prawn flavour? I've never tasted a prawn, but I'm guessing if paired with a spice, it would taste a bit like this Crisp.

In conclusion, I would recommend this Crisp. A thrilling shape, impressive uniformity throughout the bag and a flavour you don't come across every day. Unless you eat a lot of Skips.


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