Monday, 31 January 2011

Packet #10 - M&S Flame Grilled Beef & Onion

"Hey! It's the weekend! Treat yourself to a bag of REAL posh crisps"

This what I thought on Saturday, so I descended the escalators of M&S to buy some high end crisps. The flavours were unusual, I opted for Flame Grilled Beef & Onion. OKOK - everything going well so far.

DISAPPOINTED is one word to describe my feelings as I munched my way down Grafton Street. The flavour was simply delicious at the start, but it quickly vanished as if by some sort of crisp magic (it was a very lovely meaty flavour btw).

The crisp itself, was, in a word, heavy. Not the greatest texture by a long shot. Overall a major disappointment, brilliant at the beginning, but boring by the end, and EXPENSIVE! If it were a footballer, it would be Michael Owen.


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