Monday, 7 February 2011

Packet #11 - Hot Lips

Whenever you talk with your mates about crisps you used to eat as a kid, Hot Lips always come up. So when I came across them in a local shop last week I had to buy a pack to see if they brought back any memories.

The packaging looks enticing. With the promising sounding flavour of Nice 'N' Spicy and the little devil in the foreground, you expect a treat. What a shame it was when biting into the crisps only to note a distinct lack of flavour. Not very spicy at all, a slight tinge of spice. I suppose I have to consider that these crisps are aimed at children so they shouldn't be too spicy but come on, to lack any is inexcusable.

There's much better variety of corn based crisps available. Good for a bit of nostalgia but they wont be hitting my lunch box any time in the distant future.



  1. I remember the glory days of them being Face's Hot Lips, when the A-Team was still a relatively recent TV show. (Pretty sure this was the early 1990s though, when the show must have already been cancelled)

  2. Ah the glory days of crisps! I think the downfall is that they're being far too health conscious baking the crisps these days. Bring back the frier!

  3. can anyone find me a picture of a packet of face's hot lips? it's...err...for an assignment or something...