Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Packet #15 - Roysters T-Bone Steak

It's a rare and joyous occasion when me and my fellow crisp blogger, Deano, get together and review crisps at the same time. But it happened! Last Friday evening. When our friend informed us that he had some crisps available for consumption. But! He warned us, eat quickly, because they go out of date in half an hour (it was 23:30).

So we went for it. Roysters T-Bone Steak, were a crisp that neither of us were familiar with. We were told they had been bought in Tesco as part of a 12 pack, for only €1.09! That's less than 10c a pack!

Surely these cheap, almost out of date crisps would be a disaster. Well, we were both happily surprised when these crisps turned out to be completely delicious. Proper good fun, made by the same people who make Nik Naks and Discos. Indeed the texture really reminded me of Disco's, but with "bubbles" in the texture to keep you excited.

Flavour wise they hit all the right notes, not so intense but definitely packing a meaty punch. These lads did leave the fingers smelling for a few hours after, but think of the smell as a happy reminder of these spectacular crisps. 

Yes, they are cheap, yes you might be nervous about having a big 12 bag variety pack taking up space in your cupboard, but don't be! These crisps are what this blog is here for! Buy Roysters! They're a little gem!



  1. These are the King of crisps

  2. I'm Will from Leeds, I love crisps

  3. Will from leads loves cock