Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Packet #16 - Banshee Bones

It's been a mixed bag of results with the old school crisps so far. Meanies are still great, Hot Lips are not. However I was still cautiously optimistic when I purchased Banshee Bones. There's just something about crisps when you make them a funny shape, it almost as if the flavour is forgotten about. Fear not that's what we're here for.

Despite being baked, Perri seem to have retained the "screaming" salt & vinegar flavour of old. Sometimes with salt & vinegar crisps the vinegar can be over-powering and destroy the enjoyment. BB have the balance just right and it doesn't really matter that you've no idea what shape the crisps are. I suppose if you think about it, no one actually knows what real Banshee bones look like so Perri can shape them as they like. Good work Perri!

So if you're having a terrible Tuesday and need some S&V to pick you up, why not treat yourself to some reasonably priced (.35c) Banshees Bones.



  1. Hi Tom, they were purchased in Ballyfermot at the time of the review.