Monday, 28 February 2011

Packet #17 - King Jackets

Aren't pubs great. You can get all sorts in them. Beer, spirits, wine, music, quizzes, darts, pool, snacks. That's right, snacks. It's always a interesting seeing what different snacks you can get in pubs these days. King seem to have a few different types of crisps only available in the pub. There's the King "Pub" crisps, Luxury crisps and  now, Jackets crisps. 

I'm a big fan of the King range and this was the first time tasting Jackets. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Some may think that all cheese and onion crisps taste the same. They're wrong. To the connoisseur the slightest change in flavour makes all the difference. 

This is where Jackets come into their own. Just a hint stronger than your regular King with the consumer feeling the full flavour of the cheese and indeed the onion. The crunch is mightier than you are used to due to the jacketed outline of the crisp which also adds it's own little kick to the flavour.

I don't often need an excuse to go to the pub but Jackets have just given me a great one. So next time your mates ask you to pick them up something to eat at the bar go for King Jackets, a perfect mid session snack.


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  1. My favourite crisp! Glad you finally got to enjoy them.