Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Packet #23 Tayto Waffles

Whether it's coming out of our mouth or made of potato, us Irish love a good waffle. When I was younger I always saw Waffles as a luxury crisp. I think it's the cross-hatch waffle look and the fact the crisps are almost always fully shaped. In the current market however Waffles have taken a back seat to the newer luxury crisps available.

The fact the crisps are whole when eating them makes a great difference to the crunch. You get a lovely texture from the crisp sitting on your tongue, allowing you to truly taste the full flavour. The bacon flavour comes through good and strong, almost smokey. It all adds up to a very enjoyable stack.

Half way through the pack I thought to myself, "I should eat these more often." I think that's the snag with Waffles however, they're delicious every once in a while but you couldn't have them as your staple crisp. In my eyes they're still a luxury.


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  1. Personally I love a Waffle. They go very well with a sandwich, as most crisps do. They can be a bit wiffy for those who aren't fans but sure what would they know any way. Waffles are delish and a crisp at the forefront of the bacon flavoured family. Second only to the bacon fry, in my opinion.