Thursday, 14 April 2011

Packet #24 - Walkers Crinkles Cheddar & Onion

Today I received a free packet of crisps. “Result!”, I hear you cry. Being a fan of crisps and also being a fan of free things I was also pleased at the prospect of free crisps and decided to have them with my lunch. On the menu was soup and a sandwich and sure crisps are obviously a perfect accompaniment. It was all set up to be an epicurean delight but alas, my free crisps were destined to disappoint.

My free crisps were a packet of “cheddar and onion” flavour Walkers Crinkles. They promise to deliver “more flavour in every crinkle”, and while they are admittedly full of flavour, the flavour in question is almost entirely cheese. There’s a small hint of onion but it’s hard to detect and if I was blindfolded I could be eating a flat potato crisp version of a cheesy wotsit or cheeto. Crinkles have that same overpowering artificial cheese taste – a flavour which is not for everyone – but even as a cheesey crisp/snack fan, they just weren’t that enjoyable.

The texture was OK but Crinkles are no where near as crunchy as a Hunky Dory for example and nearly have the texture of one of those low fat, “healthy” crisps. I’m sorry but “healthy” crisps are useless. If you’re going to have a packet of crisps then commit, don’t have a crisp tribute. Back to the task at hand though; Walkers Crinkles also have a smattering of green flecks on them, presumably hinting at some kind of herb. It does nothing to improve.

These crisps aren’t disgusting and can certainly be tolerated but why tolerate them? In a crowded market of cheese and onion stalwarts such as King or Tayto, not to mention the various artisan variations, these Crinkles can be comfortably avoided. Apparently Crinkles are also available in different flavours but if they can’t get the basic cheese and onion flavour right, I wouldn’t have much hope for the rest of the range.

Obviously, I still finished them – they were free crisps! – but all in all, a poor effort.


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  1. No wonder-
    Walkers are made in a filthy factory over in Leicester.


    We do foods better than most ;)