Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Packet #32 - Hunky Dorys Smokey Bacon

Thirty Two, not only the amount of packets we've reviewed so far, but also one of my favourite bus routes!

Few words really excite us here at the Blog, crisps are one. Hunky. Dory. Smokey. Bacon. Are four others, put them all together and you've got something so exciting you really should have a sit down. I was in a shop the other day and glanced around the crisp section and saw them, the answer to all my prayers! I could hardly contain my excitement and immediately purchased them. And then waited for the perfect time to consume - during The Late Late Show.

As Ryan waffled on about a car I could win, I got stuck in. And boy oh boy did I get stuck in. These crisps are brilliant. Packed full of smokey bacon goodness, each crisp is like a small little taste adventure. The weight of the individual crisp is something to marvel at too - you know this is one snack that means business.

Polishing these lads off was easy, plus the broken crisps at the end of the bag was alot of fun too, much more fun than a brand new Volkswagen Jetta. Hunky Dorys Smokey Bacon are an superb achievement - congratulations Hunky Dorys!



  1. These are just a re-branded version of Samspudz Smokey Bacon

  2. 32 is my favourite bus route too... beats the 29a...