Saturday, 25 June 2011

Packet #42 - King Salt & Vinegar

 King Salt And Vinegar are (sorry about this) crisp royalty here in the Emerald Isle. I’m not too sure why we love them but we do. Looking at the packet I think it’s down to the King himself. His zen like calm on the front ensures each consumer that they’re in safe hands. If it’s good enough for the King then surely it’s good enough for us.
When I was a lad, salt and vinegar were by far the worst crisp flavour available and I would only consider eating them after I was absolutely, 100% sure there were no other flavours left in the multi-pack from the Saturday shop.
Now I’m older, my taste-buds if not necessarily me, have matured. And Salt and Vinegar are up there with the top flavours. Here’s a tip if you’re out on a hot date (in the pub) buy some Salt and Vinegar, it’ll show that you’re willing to take risks and a free thinker! Cheese and Onion are a bit predictable, I’d imagine that Mr. King went down this route while trying to impress the prospective Mrs. King.
Now! To the crisp! King Salt and Vinegar are an epic eat. They really do live up to all expectations, jammed full of all the goodness you’d want. Every crisp has the same balance of flavour, King haven’t tried to hide these fantastic flavours. The bag I bought was jammed full of crisps too, something which should be applauded, you could even think about sharing them. But in fairness, maybe that’s more of a second date thing.
King Salt and Vinegar are an absolute must for any crisp lover! Are they the best S&V crisps in the world? Quite possibly.


  1. hunky dorys S&V are arguably a better crisp - just saying

  2. I would have to disagree with you regarding Hunky Dory's I am afraid; when you get a good packet they really can bring a tear of vinegar heaven to the eye, but all too often they are disappointingly light on the vinegar.