Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Packet #43 Jonnie Onion Rings

So it's the day after the first day of a festival and you're dying. There's a long day ahead of you, what do you do? Go to the shop and buy several packs of crisps of course! So on the way to the bus I stopped in and decided to put Jonnie and his Onion Rings to the test.

There is a lovely aroma as soon as you open the bag and I noticed a good helping of onion rings too. I got stuck in, not letting the strange orange colour put me off. The flavour is a delightful sweet fried onion that gets stronger with each munch, which turned out to be a good thing this particular morning. There was a good crunch from each ring and not too much sticking to the back of my teeth. Another positive that morning.

There are many onion ring style crisps on the market and Jonnie has his boys right up there with the best of them. Overall a very pleasant experience. One which carried me through the day with a skip in my step and a stink in my breath.


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