Monday, 18 July 2011

Packet #44 Estrella Crusty Pizza

Firstly, a big apology from myself and Mark for the lack of crisp related activity. It's summer (kind of) and holidays have been getting in the way of our writing. But don't worry just because we've been on holiday doesn't mean we haven't been stuffing our faces with delicious delights from the continent. First up we've got a selection made in Sweden, purchased in Bulgaria (thanks Clembini) and eaten on Inis Meain.

This was a massive bag of crisps so good thing there was a lot of us tucking in. There was a slight whiff of sweet tomato from the bag and the crisps seemed as though they were lightly fried. They tasted a lot like the mini pizzas you'd get as a kid. It's good that they slightly resembled pizza but left an after taste that was a bit tangy. I countered this with some cold beer, which seemed to work. There was a light flaky crunch to the crisp which did actually work well with the flavour.

Even though they weren't' the best crisps in the world, the bag was of course finished. I'm eager to try some more from the Estrella brand, especially the fragrant dill flavour. Keep your peepers peeping.


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