Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Congrats To Our Competition Winner!

We've had some great times on the blog over the last few months. We've also had some low points - Packet #34 I'm looking at you.

But one of the clear highlights was our 200th Twitter follower! Mr. Rory Conolly! He could have had any packet of crisps he wanted! And he chose King Cheese & Onion (Luxury) a man of fine taste, I think we can all agree.
Not only that, we packed him off to Berlin too! The picture to the left shows Rory next to The Reichstag, no less! A serious place to have some serious Crisps.

You too can get in on this Crisp action by following us on Twitter! If you don't Tweet, give us a 'like' on Facebook.

Mark & Deano.

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