Thursday, 21 July 2011

Packet #45 - O'Donnells - Sweet Chilli Flavour

A tip to begin with. While on the way to work, think ahead. Think ahead to circa 11 O'Clock when you're starving. What can you do? The answers is, buy a bag of crisps mid commute. Which is exactly what I did only days ago. The crisps I went for were O'Donnells Sweet Chilli Flavour.

These are the newest addition to the O'Donnells family and is something of a left of field choice. After the two other flavours in the O'Donnells stable (Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar) I was quite surprised to see this bright green packet staring back at me. A lovely shade of green it is too.

I gave them a little smell to begin with (is that unusual?) all smelled well. A nice blend of sweetness and erm, crisps. Then I went for it. It was 11 O'Clock, which is scientifically proven to one of the hungriest times during working hours. I went for it with amazing gusto, three/four crisps at a time making plenty of munch noises. The crisps were great, fairly heavy and alot of crunch. Flavour wise initially I was a bit put off from the 'sweetness' of them but then a lovely mild chilli kick comes into play, it's like waking up with a hangover but finding a fiver in your jeans from the night before. Initially worrying but then brilliant.

The recipe for this sweet chilli 'kick' as they call it on the packet comes from The Scullery restaurant in Tipperary. They describe it as "blending red chillies together with a secret blend of exotic spices". Whatever way you put it O'Donnells Sweet Chilli Flavour crisps are absolutely grand.



  1. I find the green packaging very confusing!!!! Doesnt look like theyre going to be Sweet Chili flavour!!!

  2. Have you tried seabrook jacket potato and creamy butter?